SAFE & friendly ATV Trail Riding in Lake Charlotte

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    Great for Quads

    When you want to be nimble, our trails offer a great experience. Dedicated parts of our trail system include quick turns, tight woods, mud holes, and open straightaways and are perfect for most quads.

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    Amazing in a SXS

    With SXS’s gaining popularity, we understand the need for having trails that are suitable for the whole ATV community, including SXS’s. That’s why our trails are wide enough for most SXS’s and are enjoyed regularly by our current members.



Sometime being out on the trails can be challenging, so we demand the best for our riders and give you the tools you need to have a great experience.

  • Warming Shacks

    Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s nice to have a clean, dry spot to stop and take a break, sit down, and take in nature with some refreshments.

  • Trail Markings

    Even for experienced riders on our trails, getting lost can happen to anyone. So we mark our trails, making it easy to find your way..

  • Maintained Bridges

    Ever spend an hour crossing some unforgiving terrain or river only to get stuck? We have maintained bridges at required points, making for easy fun and fast crossings over extreme terrain or water.

Our Board Members

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    Stephen Parsons
    Tel: 902-430-8247
  • Vice President
    Bruce Webber
    Tel: 902-401-4646
  • Secretary
    Tammie Webber
  • Treasurer:
    Janette Faulkner
    Tel: 902-889-7534

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